Good Banana Wiggle Wobble Multicolored PVC Inflatable Splashy Dinosaur Sprinkler

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Only from Good Banana, Wiggle Wobble Splashy Sprinklers bring wet and wacky fun to the backyard bash. Each is an inflatable sprinkler that you can bop in the summer sun, creating a hilarious spray pattern as it falls and rises. Set one up for the cookout or for the entire season it’s the easiest way to get kids away from technology and turn screens into streams and happy screams. Setup couldn’t be easier. No apps. No passwords. No accounts. No tools. No electricity. No worrying about what type of USB connector you have…just fill the base with some water from your hose, inflate it, attach the hose and you’re boppin’! The amount of water pressure from your spigot makes it easy to create a fast-paced frenzy or a leisurely fountain. It’s really that easy to keep the kids entertained for hours while they expel all of that excess energy. The hose connector is pre-attached, so you only have to connect your garden hose to it with a twist. The soft-touch PVC is easy on the skin yet durable enough for round after round at the birthday party. When you’re done, simply release the valves – it stores flat in just a fraction of the size, ready for the next hot day.


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