Glitzhome 12.4 in. H X 3.94 in. W X 4.53 in. L Metal and Wood Bird House

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This birdhouse is styled in a distressed fashion by using rusted metal and worn paint. With this birdhouse, you are not only enhancing your garden but also offering your feathered friends a cozy home. We offer you and your bird friends a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee for this birdhouse. The solid wood materials strengthen the roof part for the birdhouse, make it very sturdy and durable and prevent the birdhouse from being damaged from rain, wind, dropping or attacking by other animals. If you choose to use this as a functional birdhouse, it should be cleaned out once per season to make room for the next house guest. To simplify cleaning, the back panel opens with a concealed door. No tools required and clean up is a breeze.


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